Out Now: The Sect – Shadow EP – PERKDNB021

Posted 1 year ago by: The Sect

We’d forgotten all about ‘Unseen’, but fortunately for us, Perkussiv hadn’t.  They’ve dusted it off and brought it up to date with remixes from Pyro, Amex and Absurd, who also does a damn fine job remixing ‘Stranger’ and ‘Turrican’.  Another track we thought was MIA – our remix of Lethal’s ‘Darkslider’, finishes off the EP.

You can support the label by buying this directly from Perkussiv Music’s Bandcamp store – it’s also available via Beatport and all the usual places…

The Sect – Shadow EP – PERKDNB021

Label: Perkussiv Music

Cat No: PERKDNB021

Release Date: 26 January 2017


  1. Unseen (Original Mix)
  2. Unseen (Pyro Remix)
  3. Unseen (Amex Remix)
  4. Unseen (Absurd Remix)
  5. Stranger (Absurd Remix)
  6. Turrican (Absurd Remix)
  7. Lethal – Darkslider (The Sect Remix)

Release Notes:

Perkussiv Music’s only release this year (2016) includes the Original Mix of ‘Unseen’ with three remixes by Pyro, Amex and Absurd.
We signed ‘Unseen’ years ago, we know that, but Perkussiv Music’s philosophy was and still is:
It is about the music, not the time.
The original mix shows once again how fascinating ‘The Sect’ is. ‘Unseen’ takes the listener to a deep trip of twisted psy-like and spacey sounds. The Sect are one
of the few artists who are sticking to their original roots, never forgetting the red line, their trademark, but yet always focusing the dancefloor with heavy bass and reese-modulations. The icing on the cake is the their distinctive arrangement-skills.
Pyro, Amex and Absurd take the original mix of ‘Unseen’ and remixed them in their very own remarkable way. While Pyro’s remix is more experimental, you still notice Pyro’s very unique sound. Amex’ remix is more a leg-shaker, not too aggressive, but yet having the club-crowd in mind. Absurd’s very own style can be found in remixes on ‘Unseen’, ‘Stranger’ [PERK-DNB001] and ‘Turrican’ [PERK-DNB009]. Absurd is able to take to original lead-sound-ideas and modify them to his own need, combined with heavy Reese- and Bass-Modulations and above all exploding dancefloors.
At the end of the ‘Shadow EP’ The Sect remixed Lethal’s Darkslider [PERK-DNB017]. With a heavy metal-snare, straight forward bass-modulation, but yet sticking to Lethal’s original lead sounds, The Sect are once again showing their high diversity.

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