Current Value – Sonic Barrier EP – TSMDIGI005 – OUT NOW!

Posted 4 years ago by: The Sect


The inimitable Current Value returns to TSM with a belter of an EP and we couldn’t have wished for a better way to start 2014. ¬†All angles are covered across four tracks, this digital release will be available to buy from Monday 17th February 2014.

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1. Current Value – Rit

As soon as we heard Rit, we agreed we were prepared to kill anyone who stood in our way of signing it. If you’ve been anywhere near a rave in the last couple of months, you’ll recognise the rasping bass hook (you might have caught yourself humming it in the shower since), as well as the huge stepping beat. Evidently not content with the utter devastation this combo inflicts on dancefloors when it drops, CV twists the bass and synths up further, as Rit evolves and mutates throughout, only easing up slightly for the breakdown – incidentally one of the sickest, bleepiest second drops for a loooong time. In summary, we’ve warned you that this has got a very serious dose of the funk. Use protection.

2. Current Value – Sonic Barrier

Probably the hardest track we’ve released on the label to date, Sonic Barrier has been bulldozing through everything stupid enough to get in its way at parties all around the world. To fully appreciate the pressure when this tune drops, it should be experienced on a biiig system, as CV supplies maximum impact via an immense wall of sound. Tough, gritty and full of a relentless energy, Sonic Barrier is another lesson in ultra-precise beat, bass and synth work from the Master and is destined to be demolishing raves and upsetting neighbours for some time to come…

3. The Sect – Over The Edge (Current Value Remix)

Current Value was tasked with going in on one of our most popular tunes from last year (TSMDIGI003) and delivered a remix that left us astounded. The attention to detail is evident from the off – basically, he’s taken all our favourite bits and made them much better. Whilst retaining the spirit of the original, in contrast this remix drops with a hard stepping beat and homegrown CV bassline, before rolling out and flattening everything in its path. Tried and tested on dancefloors from Europe to Australasia, this never fails to get a crowd moving!

4. Current Value – Shimmer

Rounding off the EP is a track which inhibits the shadowlands between Neuro and harder Drum & Bass. The intro may lull you into a false sense of security, with its combination of dreamy pad and synth work – but be prepared, because when ‘Shimmer’ drops, there are liable to be casualties… As you would expect from CV, the beats are clinical, with plenty of tight percussion switch-ups to maintain the furious pace and lend the track a sense of limitless energy. However, it’s the malleable, rubbery bass riff – subtly moving and changing throughout with sterling filter-work – which will stick in your head long after ‘Shimmer’ has finished ripping the sound system to shreds.

Artist: Current Value

Title: Sonic Barrier EP

Cat. No: TSMDIGI005

Release Date: 17/02/2014