Posted 9 months ago by: The Sect

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Dear friends,

It’s with a heavy heart that it’s time to announce that The Sect is coming to an end and preparing for suspended animation after 14 years.  I’m sure you’ll all join me in congratulating Ben (aka Virtua) on becoming a dad, but combined with a full-time job this means there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to continue making tunes.

However, we’re pleased to say that we’re putting out a final EP on TSM, featuring the last four The Sect tunes (we’ll post info on that in due course) and there are a few other tracks we’ve done floating around still awaiting release.  We’ll post updates if and when we get the relevant info for them.

Given that we’re no longer writing tunes as The Sect, it seems inappropriate to take DJ bookings once all our music has been released and we’re not contributing anything to the scene.  Obviously, we’ll honour all existing bookings and any new ones up to the end of 2017-  and then bow out as gracefully as our ancient bones allow.  If you’d like to book us in your town one last time (or somewhere we’ve never reached), we’d love that – but now really is the last chance.  You can do so by contacting Robyn:

There are far too many people we need to thank (and too many I’ll inadvertently forget and offend) to list them all here, but the utmost respect and love to all the labels who’ve released our music since 2003, all the talented artists we’ve worked with and to the promoters who have booked us for their parties over the last ten years.  We can’t thank you enough…  We must give an honourable mention to Robyn Chaos at Anger Management, our agent extraordinaire who has dealt with our bookings since the beginning and of course to Jef at Methlab, who also took care of us for a good few years.  Much love.  Huge thanks are also due to our TSM family: Dean Rodell, Current Value, Hostile MC, C.A.2.K. and Jeff Williams (who has done all our art since day dot) – thanks for your friendship and support.

Most importantly: to everyone who has helped us out over the years, supported us by playing our tunes, come to our gigs, or just enjoyed our music – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Since our first release back in 2003, when there were still three of us (big ups Meth), we’ve achieved a lot more than we ever thought was possible.  It really has meant everything to us to be able to make the music we love and to have had the opportunity to play it all over the world.


Dave & Ben/The Sect, July 2017