’10 Years of The Sect: 2003-13′ mix parts 1 & 2

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The Sect - 10 Years 2003-2013

It took a little while to get round to doing the second part of our 10 Years mix, but it’s here now…

Thanks to MethLab for hosting this as part of the MethLab Radio series.

Part 2: 10 Years of The Sect mix Part 2 (2009-2013)


The Sect – Mayday [Redlight]
Cause 4 Concern – Relentless (The Sect Remix) [Cause 4 Concern]
Bias – Chrysalis (The Sect Remix) [KSS Black]
The Sect – Everything Is Waves [Position Chrome]
The Sect – Slimer [Cause 4 Concern]
The Sect – Oxidize [Venom Inc]
The Sect – Stranger [Perkussiv]
Freeland – Bring It (The Sect Remix) [Unreleased]
The Sect – Equinox [m-Atome]
The Sect – Cybermen (Break Remix) [KSS Black]
The Sect – Suspended Animation [Subsistenz]
Thomas Krome – Shockabuku Vol. 1B (The Sect Remix) [Subsistenz]
The Sect – Underworld [Subsistenz]
The Sect – Manifestation [Subsistenz]
Audio – Destroyed (The Sect 2012 Re-Remix) [Unreleased]
The Sect – Fractured State [Subsistenz]
The Sect – Recall [TSM]
The Sect – Angel [TSM]
Machinecode – Fuzzy Logic (The Sect Remix) [Aggravated Music]
Philth & Wreckless – Poison (The Sect Remix) [Automate]
The Sect ft. Hostile MC – Advanced Science [TSM]
The Sect – Glitch [TSM]
The Sect – Over The Edge [TSM]


Thanks to CCPAR for hosting the first part of the mix

Part 1: 10 Years of The Sect mix Part 1 (2003-2008)


The Sect – In The Shadows [Free D/L]
>>The Sect – Acid Storm [Distance]
The Sect – Geotherm [Distance]
The Sect – Battle Droid [Unreleased]
The Sect – Axon [Obscene]
The Sect – Syndrome [Position Chrome]
The Sect – Annihilation [Freak]
Prode – Borer (The Sect Remix) [Revolution]
The Sect – Hellbound [Habit]
The Sect – Into The Abyss [Habit]
The Sect – Nerve Attack [Offkey]
Raiden & The Sect – Caesium 137 (Skates & Scummers Mix) [Unreleased]
The Sect – Kill All Humans [Offkey]
The Sect – Tyrant [Position Chrome]
The Sect – Patriarch [Freak]
The Sect ft. Axis & Trank – Victim [Habit]
The Panacea – Burning Like Fire (The Sect Remix) [Position Chrome]
The Sect – Avenger [Freak]
Glenn Wilson & Mike Humphries – Aural Exciter (The Sect Remix) [Subsistenz]
The Sect – Voices [Position Chrome]
>>The Sect & Proket – Uma [Unreleased]

Thank you to everyone supporting us over the first decade (2003-2013) and the years since – it means a lot to us – cheers!


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